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National cyber security experts in technology and network system protection have announced the discovery of new “malware” software, which is executed under Android operating system in Smartphones and audiovisual platforms and which captures the information from banking transactions, compromising the security and privacy of all operations carried out using the infected device.

This “Trojan”, disguised as an app to watch unlicensed TV, called TeaTV, installs an APK file which gives the user access to an online pirate television service. However, without the user knowing, TeaTV also installs a code that enables total access to the device in order to detect the usage of online banking operations and to catch and send to the creators of TeaTV certain confidential data: access keys, account numbers, operations… All the information is then registered in the pirate network to be fraudulently used later.

NOTICE: if you have at any time installed the app called TeaTV, we recommend you uninstall it immediately, and that you do a full scan of your device with a malware detector.

This malware is a new development, different to anything else seen so far, much better disguised and, furthermore, it provides a service to the user (a pirate illegal service) so it does not raise any suspicion upon installation and use.

When installing TeaTV, the user must agree to allow the app control of the device, like so many other applications installed in a mobile phone. This is to allow saving files in the memory, using speakers, the device screen, etc. But with TeaTV, when allowing for this access, the user authorizes, without knowing, for the Trojan app to detect input from the buttons, text in the user name and password text fields, and all the banking registration and operation information.

This “hidden part” of TeaTV, which sends to the creators all the banking access and transaction information, is activated automatically when we open any online banking app or web in our device, and a phishing (identity theft) form is launched which emulates our bank to get the user to insert the access information of an online bank and this is fraudulently sent to TeaTV.

From Grupo Telecable, we recommend you to only use legal software from legitimate and authorized services, not only to safeguard the copyright and to help the industry to carry on creating quality content and applications, but also to protect the security of your devices and transactions.

If you wish to sign up for legal television, with over 170 channels offering films, documentaries, music, sports, news and more, please contact us on 966 196 000 or , we are happy to give you all the information.