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It´s not only the cities that need uninterrupted connection. The small rural communities also face a problem when the Internet service is interrupted. This is the case of a small town of 900 habitants that suffered a digital shut down as a consequence of the fibre optic cabling being stolen.

At first, the proximity of the mountains was considered a possible cause of the signal loss, however after a few hours it was discovered that a big part of the fibre optic cabling in the area had been grabbed by a nice colony of beavers.

These rodents are famous for their excellent construction to stop the water flow to create ponds and dams, and usually tree trunks and big branches are used to block the current and to adapt the river to their needs. However, this time they opted for a new material for them. One that was very flexible and manageable: fibre optic.

According to the investigation of the local telecommunication operator, the beavers dug following the path of the stream and reached the fibre optic cable, which was several meters underground and covered with a protective duct more than 11 cm thick.

The beavers, after digging, gnawed away the protection and took all the fibre optic cables they could find. The technicians of the company eventually found the cabling downstream, full of bites and as a part of a dam.

Undoubtedly , animal life makes way and uses any interesting resources available. Even though this can lead to humans being left without connection, in an unpredictable and totally surprising manner.

This happened in Tumbler Ridge (Canada), quite far from our service area. But the truth is that this is not the first time rodents have done their way eating cabling in parts of our fibre network.

Luckily, Grupo Telecable has a technical team dedicated to solve these kinds of problems as quickly as possible, as well as those caused by heavy rain, flooding, snow or by the action of nice beavers. In general within 12 hours the problem is solved. Furthermore, we also thrive to give you the best speed and quality of connection for the best price. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us and we will be happy to help.