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We live connected to the Internet, at all times. To carry out any common activity without getting help or searching the web is almost unimaginable nowadays. And this has increased with the pandemic. Whether working remotely, during our leisure time, or even to communicate, it is impossible to let go of the technology.

This constant use of technology is also present at the lives of the little ones, and Internet can be very useful for their learning, but we must be aware that many of them can develop dependence problems.

According to a Unicef study, over half of the children between 9 and 16 years of age are connected to the Internet more than one hour per day. In order to limit the leisure time dedicated to technological devices, from Grupo Telecable we would like to give you some tips to help to find interesting and motivating alternatives for the little ones:

  • Limit the screen time of computer, television, tablet…
  • Do outdoor activities. With the current restrictions in place, a good option is to do sports with the family.
  • Help them to find new hobbies. You can participate with them in different tasks such as reading, handicrafts, tabletop games, etc.
  • Encourage family time. Establish weekly routines where there are times to do things together. Go to a mountain hike, cook a pizza Friday evenings or talk about your favourite book… all this without the need to switch on the television. This will increase family communication and improve relations.
  • You should teach by example. Children tend to copy the behaviour of the adults, so if we reduce the time spent with the computer or mobile phone, they will eventually do the same.

Furthermore, you should remember the parental control options which are available nowadays in almost all devices and platforms in the market. Children must know everything the technology gives us, but they should not become dependent of it.

At Grupo Telecable we want the technology to be an alternative for learning, a tool, part of family leisure, but not the only activity available. Therefore, if you are looking for the best choice for Internet, Telephone or cable TV, please do not hesitate to contact us. However, please spend also some time offline with the family.