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Today is finally Black Friday! Are you going to shop online and take advantage of the great discounts that shops and platforms are offering? If you wish to be safe and not get tricked when shopping today, Grupo Telecable gives you 6 tips from the Spanish Consumer Organization OCU:

  1. Make sure that you are given the original price next to the discounted one, or the percentage of the discount. So you know there actually is a discount.
  2. If you are unsure of whether the price is a good one or not, you can ask the OCU price advisor using heir website, or you can compare previous prices, other online or traditional shops, etc.
  3. Find out about the shop’s policy for payments, change and returns. If there is any change in the company policy during the Black Friday campaign, this must be informed in writing to their customers.
  4. If you are making a purchase in a traditional shop, please remember that in case of a return, they do not have the obligation to replace the product except if it was faulty.
  5. Make sure that the online sites offer money back guarantee. You might wish to return the product if you find a much better deal during Black Friday, and the online shop could refuse this (it is all established in their purchase policy, which must be accessible on their web site).
  6. Always keep the ticket or purchase invoice, since it is your proof for any claim.

Enjoy Black Friday, but always in a responsible and secure way.