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As we have more and more devices at home that can connect to the Internet using 5G, we are also more exposed to attacks, since there are more points of entry to our domestic network, and more devices connected to the Internet.

Not so long ago it was discovered that “the hackers can steal our personal information by means of an ordinary light bulb”, by taking advantage of small vulnerabilities of our network or household appliances connected to the Internet, which would enable the hackers to commit cyber crimes.

“It does not need to be a light bulb with Internet access!” Or at least this is what some students of the University of Ben-Gurion (Israel) claim. According to their study, it is possible to spy using the light waves of a light bulb. Using their wit and a complex algorithm and an optic spectrum sensor, they have been able to reproduce a human conversation calculating the incidence of the voice waves of the subject to the light waves emitted by the light bulb.

This mechanism, which looks like something from a science fiction film, has been named “lamphone” and different investigations have been carried out. One of these even used a combination of lamphone and a telescope to listen to music, and with the Shazam application, recognize the song that was being listened. With the telescope it is possible to visualize tiny changes in the wave length of the lamp, located 100 meters away, and translate these to sounds.

Furthermore, tests were made with YouTube videos, which were translated using Google Translator. And the presence of voice detections systems such as Siri or Alexa allows for the dialogues to be reproduced with total precision to reconstruct the conversation.

Summing it up, not only any device such as Smart TV or fridge connected to the Net is prone to be hacked, but also through an ordinary light bulb it is possible to spy any private conversation and to access different personal information from photographs to a bank account.