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We are currently online for long periods. This is possible, to a great extent, due to the Wi-Fi connections. Nearly half of our connection time, we are using wireless devices, such as mobile phones, laptops or tablets. However, more than we would like, we notice that the Wi-Fi connection is slow. In this article we explain why this happens and how you can solve this.

Router placed in a low position

Even though Wi-Fi network is more comfortable to use than a connection via cable, it will always have a greater instability and worse quality, and more so if we are far away from the router and there are obstacles (furniture, walls, other electronic devices) that the signal has to go through to reach our device. The ideal location to install a Wi-Fi router is in a high position in the centre of the home. For example, in the lounge on top of the furniture or on a shelf. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the router is not configured correctly, or has suffered some damage from a knock, or it can be infected by a virus or hacked which can cause the data transfer to be slow.

Choosing an inadequate band

Depending on the distance to the device we are connecting, we must use the appropriate band of the router. If our router has the option of choosing between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, we will choose the first one when we are going to be further away, since the quality of signal is not affected as much as with the second one. However, the 5GHz band operates at higher speeds in short distances.

Multiple devices connected to the router

The quality of signal and the speed can be affected if there are too many devices using the network at the same time, since the bandwidth we have contracted might not have the capacity to support a high amount of simultaneous downloading or uploading of data.

However, for precaution, it is recommended to check that there are no unwelcome users connected to our router.

Channel saturation

Another cause for a slow Wi-Fi speed or signal loss is that the area of the house has different Wi-Fi signals (from neighbors or other devices such as security cameras, wifi printers, TV senders, etc) using the same wireless channel and it is overflowing.

If you wish to receive more information on how to increase your Wi-Fi connection speed, please do not hesitate con contact us through our web site or calling 966 196 000, we are happy to help you.