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More and more customers sign up for pirate IPTV services for the reduced cost (usually a yearly fee), in addition to a wide range of channels offered. However, when one of these services stops operating, the users must pay another connection fee to another service in order to continue enjoying the channels. It still sounds fairly good. However, not all is as good as it seems with pirate IPTV systems.

Nowadays, the control of Pirate Television is more exhaustive and ongoing. The new technologies are introducing flags to mark the Virtual Private Networks (VPN) thus detecting a security breach when logging in with an IP address included in the list of servers. If a match is found, the transmission of the information is blocked immediately, which will interrupt the connection with the server.

There is nothing that can be done from Telecable about this, since we only provide the Internet service and guarantee it works correctly. We cannot change the IP the source is accessed from. We do not manage nor create the alerts or flags used to classify these VPN. Therefore, we have nothing to do with the pirate IPTV broadcasts.

If you are using IPTV from another provider, you must contact them since they have most likely blocked your access.

It is important to know that if your service has been blocked, the reason could be that VPN that retransmitted the international channels has been detected and that the provider could be facing legal issues. And it is not only the provider who is committing a felony. Also the person that is paying for the service, and the technology is advancing all the time to detect the suscribers more precisely. In addition, if these VPN have been detected it is because these are not completely safe, which implies that the security of the customers could also be at risk and their information might also not be protected.

If you wish to have a trustworthy HD Television service, the best option is to sign up with a provider which has the licenses and the permits for the rebroadcasting. Telecable offers a quality service, backed by our technical support. If you wish to have more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.