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The COVID certificate is a necessary document in order to travel from country to another, and thanks to the new applications, it is possible to always carry it with you in your mobile phone. The anti-COVID technology enables us to move with total freedom and security, so it is extremely useful to know how to save the COVID certificate in your phone.

Vaccination certificate: the benefits of anti-COVID technology

EU has promoted the vaccination certificate, which is operating since July 1st this year.

With this document, you can accredit both having been vaccinated and having done a test with a negative result or having gone through the illness.

The main advantage of this document is that it facilitates movement between the different European Union countries for those who can accredit one of the three previous conditions. What benefits does it have? It removes any kind of quarantine or additional test in a country. Contrary to some opinions, it does not restrict the right to free movement, but it allows movement within the EU countries and guarantees people´s health.

It is a free and reliable document, and it is valid in the whole territory. It is issued in the national language of each State, and in English. The attached QR code contains the minimum essential information, as well as a digital seal to prove its authenticity.

How to add the vaccination certificate to your Google Play, step by step

To request a COVID certificate with your mobile is very easy. You can add it to Google Play, as if it was another card.

It is important to consider that each Autonomous Region in Spain has launched a website to get this certificate.

Currently, the certificate is obtained in QR code format. It is necessary to download it in order to add it to Google Play. For this, we can use an application such as Pass2Pay. This app allows to create a card adapted to Google Play.

After downloading the application, you only need to download the document, which can be PDF format or a capture of the QR code as an image. Afterwards, you need to open Pass2Pay and select “Open PDF”, in case you have downloaded it in this format, or “Open image” if you have saved a capture of the QR code.

You will need to load the file and accept the identification. The application will locate the QR code to use it as if it was a Google Play card.

Then you need to fill in the text fields to create the card, those that are marked with an asterisk are mandatory. When all the fields are completed, you need to select “Save in the phone” and Pass2Pay will create the card and open Google Play so that you can save it in your account.

Having a COVID certificate is the most reliable way to move towards normality and to be able to travel with total safety, which is the goal of this technology created in the EU countries.