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At Grupo Telecable, we always offer the best quality of service for the best possible price. We do not like to make promises we cannot keep. Therefore, there are many companies that offer cheap services, but when problems or consecutive failures arise with the system, they cannot respond quickly, because they are subcontracting the network from other operators, they do not have their own technical staff to solve problems, they subcontract telemarketing companies for sales and customer attention. and customer attention services…

At Grupo Telecable prefer a different way of working. We have our own technical staff, as well as offices in the different towns we provide services in, and we manage the customer care, installation, maintenance and repairs, as well as the development department, analysis, engineering and technical support. And everyone with a clear company objective: to carry out all the details to the highest level possible, and to give the best quality of service to our customers.

And we must not forget all the advantages that having our own data network of thousands of kilometres during all those years, which connects thousands of people in different towns of the Mediterranean coast of Spain. We have total control of the network, and of the areas to do preventive maintenance work, as well as the possibility to improve to provide higher speeds and service for our customers, and in case of a fault we can locate the problem immediately and our staff can focus to fix it in the exact point where it has occurred.

It is because of this that our service is based on the best price to give the highest quality.

Contact us for more information through our website or call 966 196 000, we will be delighted to attend and inform you, no obligation.