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A switch is a device which enables interconnection of different devices, such as printers, computers and servers, within the same network. Most companies use switches to best manage their hardware, and for only a small investment. There are different types of switches, and Grupo Telecable we can explain the different types and which is the most suited for your business:

Managed switches.

Even though these offer a wider range of possible configurations than the other types, the functioning is simply. These are ideal for offices, restaurants, schools and shops, and these focus on the protection of sensitive data stored in our software or cloud. Managed switches allow for a centralized management accessible at all times.

 Unmanaged switches.

Known as plug and play because, unlike the previous ones, these only need to be installed and associated by connection to the other devices. There is no previous configuration process involved and you can start using these straight away.

There is no previous configuration process involved and you can start using these straight away. These are recommended for small business networks, and even though these are not as customizable as the managed switches, these solve the most common issues that come up with networks.

 PoE switches.

These transmit information and electricity over the same Ethernet cables. One the many tasks is to power up the wireless access points and IoT devices, surveillance systems and business Wi-Fi. These are cost-effective and easy to install.

We hope to have explained the general issues about the different types of switches. Please remember to contact with a specialized provider and follow their advice if you are considering getting a switch for your network. From our end, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to find out more about signing up for Internet, Telephone or Cable Television services. We will be delighted to recommend the solution that best fits your requirements.