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The IP (Internet Protocol) address is the number that identifies a device connected to a network, and each address is unique within the same network. Each address constitutes a code that tells how and where the information should go within the network.

In fact, each devic has two different IP addresses:

  • Public or external, which enables communication with external networks and devices.
  • Internal or private, which is used for the device to connect with the router providing the Internet Access.

Knowing these addresses may be useful for several reasons, such as configuring a server or connecting a printer or establishing connections between devices within the same network. Furthermore, the public IP address indicates the geolocation of the device, so knowing your IP helps to understand how your information is shared and broadcast on the Internet.

Finding out your external or public IP address is very easy. Simply type in a google search “what is my IP” and the answer will appear on the top part of the screen. For the internal or private IP, the procedure is somewhat different and it depends on the device you are connecting with:

  • From Mac: Enter the tab “System Options” and then the option “Network”. There you will find your address just below your network status.
  • From Windows:Access, in system configuration, to “Network status”. When doing this, a new window opens up, and on the right hand side you will see “Find my IP address”.
  • From iPhone:Go to “settings” and then go to the option “Wifi”, and select the network you are connecting to. The address will appear in the section called IPc4.
  • From Android:Go to “settings” of the “Wifi” network you are connected to, and the phone will show your address.

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