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Emotet is a Trojan virus that spreads primarily through emails, using a method called thread hijacking, and it replies to conversations on stolen emails and attaches files with malware to these emails. The objective of Emotet is to extort its victims, steal access credentials or sell these to other cybercriminals. In Spain, there is an increase of 100% of the risk of becoming a victim of an Emotet attack

How does it work?

  1. Emotet spreads primarily through email scams.
  2. It uses attached files, normally Word or Excel formats.
  3. These attached files are infected with malware which installs Emotet in your device.
  4. Then, Emotet infiltrates in your email conversations and sends itself to your contacts.
  5. This is called thread hijacking and it is the way Emotet spreads.

How can I be protected against Emotet?

As always, a good and updated antivirus avoids most issues. It is recommended to always install the security updates of the operating system as soon as these become available, as well as those of any other application in your device.

Even so, to avoid infections, the best is never to click on any link or attachment which looks suspicious, even if the sender looks legitimate. It is best to communicate directly with the sender to check this. If you have opened a file, do not click on “activate content” since this could initiate the Emotet activation instructions.