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The Financial Police forces from different European countries carry out raids all the time against mafias operating with the unlicensed distribution through IPTV systems. A few weeks ago, the Italian Financial Police closed down over 5,500 pirate web sites, placing high fines to managers and to end users. Also some months ago, over 7,000 North West IPTV customers received a letter from the police with a notice regarding the start of legal actions against them.

The investigations are continuously being carried out all over Europe. Last week, one IPTV provider was sentenced to pay 15.8 million euro for the network he had established and for unlicensed broadcasting of media content. The pirate TV platforms are being actively prosecuted, as these represent both a security risk for the users and theft of broadcasting rights for the companies that purchase licenses and for the content creators.

This last action was carried out against an illegal platform operating under the name of CBC X-View Cable Service, owned by Robert Reich – a resident in Riviera Beach (Florida). The platform gave access to different channels through several subscription platforms, and everything was apparently legal for the users. However that was not the case.

Cutting edge anti-piracy technology

These investigations against IPTV platforms are possible thanks to a series of tools using the latest technology, and also Artificial Intelligence software to analyze the Big Data according to the behavioural patterns of the users and data fluxes between servers. These tools enable to identify the pirate network components, and also to locate the millions of users that contract and consume the illegal content services.

These consumers of pirate services are at risk of receiving a fine with a very high economic amount, according to the European Financial Police forces, and may even face imprisonment for a maximum of 3 years, depending on their connection with the platforms.

From Grupo Telecable, we recommend to always verify that you are contracting legal services, with a broadcasting license. We strive to obtain the best cable and Internet TV options, for the best price, and in compliance with the legal regulations. In addition to avoiding possible legal problems for you, significantly reduces the possibility of your equipment getting hacked, since much of the pirate software is used by the hacker networks to access private equipment, to steal data or passwords, etc.