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Mobile phones are the main cause of cyber attacks against companies. In Spain, 48% of the cybernetic attacks against companies occur through employees’ mobile phones, according to the Hiscox 2021 Cyber-awareness report.

This study carried out by Hiscox warns about mobile phones having replaced the computers as the preferred device to use the Internet, and this has converted these into the main gateway for cyber attackers.

According to the information of the study, 41% of the network attacks against Spanish companies are carried out through the mobile phones, and 22% are through business phones, while 19% of the total number of attacks, occur through employees’ personal phones when used for work.

Despite this data, Spain is better positioned than other European countries in relation to the security of the mobile devices.

COVID-19 has caused an increase in the number of cyber attacks, since 46% of the employees have changed to working remotely instead of at the workplace.

Security budget increase

58% of Spanish companies consider themselves to be more vulnerable against cyber attacks. According to the Hiscox report, the main cause of vulnerability is that the employees are working remotely.

However, companies are already taking action to increase their computer security. Some have stated that they will assign 56% of their IT budget to implement systems to detect unauthorized connections and devices.

Spanish companies top the cyber attack list

Regarding cyber attacks, the Spanish companies are on the top of the most attacked list. Companies based in the United States are on the first position regarding cyber expertise, while German companies are the ones paying the highest cost due to incidents.

As to Spain, only 9% of the companies consider themselves to be experts in cyber security, while 35% see themselves as cyber novices.