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The latest in wireless technology, the 5 GHz WiFi, offers faster and higher quality connection than its predecessor 2.4 GHz. The term 5GHz refers to the frequency used in the wireless transmission from the router, and it is not related to the mobile 5G technology, even though sometimes “5G routers” is used when discussing routers with 5GHz WiFi.

The 5GHz WiFi technology allows for a real evolution of domotics. Higher speeds and quality of transmission allows for a greater number of devices connected in the household, as long as these are compatible with this technology. This is known as the “Internet of Things”. Now it is not only the SmartTV that can surf the Internet. Other home equipment is joining the networks too, for instance light bulbs, video players, refrigerators, air conditioning, awnings, etc. All these devices need a stable Internet connection that 5GHz WiFi provides, as it has lower latency and a higher speed than the 2.4 GHz Wifi. While an Ethernet cable connection still delivers the best overall performance, the evolution of the wireless technology allows for more and more domestic devices to function effectively.

Therefore, the arrival of this new technology will benefit the devices using high bandwidth, such as high-definition security cameras – a great example of domotics, or business or industrial, use of the 5GHz.

On the other hand, the mobile 5G technology, evolution of the 4G, has been fully implemented for the mobile phones and for some Smart TVs, but during next year, it will be progressively introduced into the domotics market and even for implementation into vehicles. Initially for diagnostics and remote management systems, and later with functionalities that will improve the everyday life of the consumer. We will be able to control the temperature or the video surveillance of our home when away, interconnect different home appliances for a coordinated service, for example, an alarm clock connected to the coffee maker which sends an order to start preparing coffee 1 minute before the alarm goes off… this is known as “The Internet of Things”, a revolution that is already starting.

In addition, another benefit of the 5G is that the home network will be less affected when simultaneously connecting different devices. So even if the number of devices with Internet access is increased, it will not interfere with the quality of signal, and we can continue using many more devices at home without loss of, for example, quality of the SmartTV connection.

In your home WiFi networks, as explained in another article , each technology has a positive side and another not so good. In case of 5 GHz WiFi, the negative side is the reduced reach or coverage area. The good news is that there is a solution for everything and you can get repeaters or PLC to reach all parts of the home with the 5GHz signal.

The devices are easy to configure (as easy as connecting your Smart TV to the Internet or to switch on your mobile phone), and these can be purchased in any home appliance store, commercial centre or, obviously, online.

In our system, we offer routers that operate in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. To benefit from this technology, the most important thing is to check that the devices are compatible with it.

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