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More and more people are ordering food over the Internet, even more so with the restrictions in force due to the Covid19 pandemic. Even though in the past Facebook already tried to launch its own purchase and currency system which did not as expected, WhatsApp has been pushing the initiative and has signed agreement with the fast food chain McDonald´s.

In order to make this happen, the messaging service launched WhatsApp Business in September 2017, which allows commercial communications to companies, verifying the user´s identity.

In some countries such as India, it is already possible to order food from McDonald´s using WhatsApp. A good consumer response is expected, since it is much faster and easier to place an order using this system, eliminating the need to install an additional application and also it is not necessary to register because the profile and the telephone number are associated to WhatsApp.

This makes the process as simple as maintaining a WhatsApp conversation – something we are all very familiar with.

The objectives of the communication platform do not stop here. Other companies are to be incorporated, not only fast food but other sectors such as drugstores, home improvement, household appliances and all kinds of products and services.

Within a very short period of time, you will be able to sign up for our Internet, cable TV and phone services using WhatsApp, but in the meantime you can contact us through our website, or phoning 966 196 000, and we will inform you of all our plans, no obligation.