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A few days ago, the Spanish National Police uncovered an illegal company selling pay TV channels over the Internet. A complex system offering two types of pay television ended with five arrests and three search warrants. One of the services offered standard quality, for a cheaper price, and the other had greater quality and quantity of channels, which were adjusted according to the money the different types of clients could afford.

TV channel and sport content piracy is more and more widespread, and new organizations dedicated to this activity emerge all the time. This occurs because a great part of the users think that the television providers establish prices that are too high to afford. This is the case of many consumers that view pirate broadcasts of football matches, which usually have a high cost or are part of other television packages.

At the start of last year, the Police was notified of a report about the intervened organization and there were suspicious amounts of income. The Police discovered that the content provider and the resellers were part of this criminal activity advertised in their own web sites and social media.

The authorities confiscated ten IPTV decoders, seven high-end mobile phones, two computers, two tablets, 28 Ethereum cryptocurrency and 1,250 euro in cash. It is estimated that this criminal organization, offering services to approximately 20,000, users could have generated a yearly income of up to one million euro.

From Grupo Telecable we recommend to use guaranteed content from trustworthy sources, because in the contrary your computer devices could be hacked and you would also be breaking the law.