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We are often overconfident that the personal data we store on our computers or accounts remains secure. But we must always take a series of precautions to protect files with sensitive information from third parties. Not just bank documents, but also confidential work documentation or family photos. In order to avoid risks, with this TIP we want to give you the following recommendations.

Choose a safe system

To share files we must choose a platform that protects what we upload and encrypts its content. How can we know this? By reading the fine print of the contract or the clauses that we accept when registering and opening our profile. In these we will find out if the files can be located and viewed by unwanted people.

Criteria when uploading files to the network

Before uploading something to the network, we should think if it really is necessary to do it and bear in mind that, no matter how reliable the application we use for it is, there is always the possibility that the files may reach the hands of third parties. In the case of using the cloud, it is totally secure, but our actions such as putting a too weak password are not. Even though it is a convenience to be able to have our files anywhere, it is preferable to calculate and act accordingly: To consider how the theft of the information contained in these files could affect us and evaluate whether it compensates us for the comfort against any unwanted data theft.

Two-step verification as a pass

With this authentication system, the user and their personal data are much more protected against any malicious attack, since someone knowing our password is not enough for them to access our accounts. More and more websites have this security tool. Regarding file hosting systems such as Google Drive or Icloud, the two-step verification sends a code to our mobile phone to conclude access to the service. It is a slower process but in which our privacy prevails.

At Grupo Telecable we are concerned about the safety of our customers and the reliability of our services. We want to contribute in every possible way so that your experience as a customer is the most profitable and satisfactory. If you have any questions regarding your services, contact our customer service department. If you are not yet a customer, call us, we will be happy to assist you and inform you without any commitment.

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