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Grupo Telecable´s ongoing commitment with the highest quality of service has pushed the deployment of its fiber optic network to Campo de Elche. The aim is to replace the WIMAX connections with the new high speed cabling to offer the customers the best Internet service.

The continuous  technological evolution  creates an ever-growing demand, and it is important for all the customers to enjoy the maximum data flux in each area. Therefore, to expand the cabling to Campo de Elche is a task that is now becoming a reality. In fact, this Monday the residents of Valverde can already sign up for their FIbre Optic DTTH connection.

The advance in Campo de Elche is unstoppable, and very son all the existing and new customers in the area will have the most reliable connection and the highest speed, as the old connections are replaced by the fibre optic. Furthermore, the new implemented technology enables to lower the cost of the Internet connection, so there will be an added benefit: better prices for the service.

There are different speeds available, as well as different options for contract… Fixed landline, television, mobile lines and more, always considering the specific needs of each customer. For example, unlimited fibre optic is available for €19.90 per month, including VAT, final price!

If you are not yet a Grupo Telecable customer, you can sign up for your connection today, and if you are an antenna customer, please request the change by calling 966 196 000, or visit

Telecable, service and customer care to the highest level.

Campo de Elche office