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This past June, Grupo Telecable launched our brand “Fibra Social Telecable” or “Telecable Social Fibre” as a flagship of the work of our whole team to support sports, cultural and social activities in the towns we operate in.

All the different departments of the company are very much aware of the Corporate Social Responsibility that companies and organizations have with the areas we work in. It is in everyone´s hands to help people, to promote certain activities and to promote cultural and sporting actions to help the quality of life and the well-being in our towns, and to protect and care for the environment and to reduce the carbon footprint in our planet.

It is not only about helping those in a social disadvantage – very important task in which we all must collaborate – but also to get a reaction from the society in general by creating a “social movement” that activates the fibre within every person, group, family… Every member of the society.

At Grupo Telecable, we undertook this commitment a long time ago. Since we began, we have sponsored and supported a great number of sporting tournaments, technological events, and social and cultural activities in the towns where we work. We have also made significant contributions to different charities. Because the companies should not only concentrate in providing the best service to our customers for the best prize, but we should go a step further and do our bit so that, step by step and with everyone collaborating, we can create a society that is more understanding, more “human”, happier and, ultimately, make the world a better place for us and for our children, and for future generations.

This is everyone´s task, and at Grupo Telecable we are committed to helping you.