Enjoy national and international calls
from 10€/month

Landline Telephone.

Or mobile unlimited calls and 12 gigas data
from 7,90€/month

Mobile Telephone.

Get better connectivity adding our telephone services.

Choose the best package for you… Landline telephone with international calls, with calls to mobile numbers… Mobile numbers with unlimited calls, data, there are many options prepared for you, so you can choose the best one.


Enjoy now our brand and our national signal coverage. You will be amazed to find the same quality and service our Internet customers receive. We are second to none, because we offer the same signal coverage with a much more attractive packages and prices.

Blue Móvil L


  • Unlimited* calls


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Blue Móvil XL


  • Unlimited* calls


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Blue Móvil XXL


  • Unlimited* calls


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National and international calls
from 10€/month

Mobile Telephone

20 GB data
Unlimited calls*

from 9,90€/month

Landline Telephone

National and international

from 10€/month

Why do our customers choose us?

Reliable Signal

When you have fiber optic from Telecable, we can guarantee your landline telephone signal. And with the excellent signal coverage of our mobile telephone, you will have connection anytime, anywhere.

Technical Service

We solve any problem that might occur with your connection within 24 hours.

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