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On the Internet there are millions of websites, each one with hundreds or thousands of articles, and in many cases the user encounters serious problems in being able to locate exactly the information they need. For this reason, from Grupo Telecable, we want to start some practical search TIPS, with which we will tell you some Google secrets that you may not have known:

Search by exact phrase

When we want to carry out a search on the internet, we normally insert the text in the Google search field and give it a search. With the results we see the number of websites that are indexed with that “search tag” (or Keyword).

But, to further refine the search, Google allows us to narrow this search by putting quotation marks at the beginning or end of a sentence, so the result will be exactly that relation and order of words that we are specifying, thus reducing the number of referring websites and search results.

Let’s see this with an example:

In this first case, we search for the phrase without quotes: Seguro para mi coche (Insurance for my car)
Google returns the search results of all those websites that contain these words. However, they do not have a phrase match. They are cuelta words: Seguro, Coche, Para, Mi. We mark them in red in the image.

By not having carried out a search by exact phrase the volume of results is much higher: Google indicates 172 million websites with this result.

Obviously all websites have to do with car insurance, since these two words are required to be present in the search.

In this second case we carry out the search limited by exact phrase, with quotation marks: “Insurance for my car”. As you will see, the volume of results is much lower: 73,200 websites.

In addition, all the references found have the exact match with the phrase we are looking for. This increases the chances of finding exactly what we are looking for.

We hope we have been of help to you and that, thanks to our tips, you will improve your efficiency in using the internet.

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