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At Grupo Telecable, we have a series of values that set us apart from other service providers, and having our own physical infrastructure for data transmission in the towns where we operate is probably among the most important ones. We also have our own staff of installers, and our technical team to solve any issues, and we do not subcontract any service.

This gives us the power of a total management of the network, enabling us to immediately tackle any fault or problem that might occur. For instance, a snow storm such as the one we had in January this year in a greater part of Spain and caused some local problems in the main trunk connection to Madrid due to the weight of the snow and the impossibility to access certain locations, or a fire in a business premises affecting our own cabling in the town. These events can cause short interruptions of service, which are normally resolved within a few hours by our technical team.

These problems that occur, in most cases by weather conditions or human accidents, are unpredictable. Similar issues affect the water supply of our towns, or the electric, and roads and railways, and also telecommunications services.

However, due to the fact that we own our telecommunication networks, and we do no rent these from third parties, we can locate the fault immediately, as it occurs, and our technical team, also part of Grupo Telecable, is ready to go to resolve the issue, without the need to wait for our customers to call, and then for us to contact the network provider to request assistance… This is what happens with other companies which do not own their data network and when a problem occurs, they need to rely on third parties, which sometimes are competing with the company for the same market.

From the beginning, Grupo Telecable has insourced, creating departments, logistical platforms, and our own cabling, within the company, in order to provide our thousands of customers a quality service, with total control of our own network and of the different departments operating in it. This grants us total control for problem diagnostics and resolution when any unforeseen event occurs.

It is important for us to keep growing, but we will not compromise the highest quality of service to our customers. The satisfaction of our customers is reflected in our purpose statement: “state-of-the-art technology with traditional customer care”.