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If you have our “Television Complete HD” package, this Monday we recommend to watch the documentary 👉 “The Teenager Who Hacked Twitter” 📺 on Canal Odisea starting at 22:30h.
Coinciding with World Internet Day, on Monday May 17th from 22:30h, the television channel ODISEA, produced by AMC Networks International, premieres “The Teenager Who Hacked Twitter” – a documentary which discovers the history of a teenager from Florida accused of hacking the Twitter accounts of celebrities, and of misleading their followers asking for cryptocurrency 💸💳
Elon Musk. Bill Gates. Kanye West. Joe Biden. Barack Obama. They are just some of the famous people whose Twitter accounts were hacked in July 2020. As the hours went by, the speculation about who had brought the tech giant to its knees ran wild. Who was behind this sophisticated attack? Russian intelligence? Chinese government? No one could gess that it was a 17-year-old kid in Tampa. Based on the investigation of the case carried out by The New York Times, we shed light on the unknown world of teenage hackers, and we will see how common high school misdeeds can, in a digital world, become a million dollar crime and destroy lives.