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Some years ago, we only connected to the Internet with our desktop computer. The arrival of smartphones changed everything, and we began connecting these to Wifi networks from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, there are more and more home devices that we can connect to the Net: TV sets, tablets, smart light bulbs… This increase in the number of devices also increases the possibility of suffering a security breach that could compromise our personal information, and even the management of our home if we have a domotics system installed. The problem rises from the trust we, the users, place on the security of the devices we use to surf the Internet.

According to different studies, people below 34 years of age fully trust in the privacy of the devices they use on the daily Internet connections, and they feel their personal information, transactions are connections are widely protected.

On the other hand, people over 34 years of age do not trust the privacy that much, and therefore the number of users in social media and in online purchases decreases greatly in this age group.

Undoubtedly, the level of online vulnerability increases when users forget, or are not aware of, that they are an important filter with their preventive actions. For example, it is highly recommended, in order to avoid access to the devices or information theft, to always update the operating systems, antivirus and other applications to the latest version offered by the manufacturer.

As these attacks evolve, the programmers fix security breaches and launch new updated versions to protect the users. The updates are essential to make sure no information theft or unauthorised access to the devices. In reference to this, 36% of people over 34 do not have the latest software versions in their devices.

On the other hand, the user group from 18 to 34 years of age connects to unsafe networks to manage banking operations, emails or company servers. When carrying out some kind of sensitive operation online, the users above 34 years of age act with more caution.

Regarding the installation of application, half of the time the users give permission to access different functionalities of the devices, such as the location, that may compromise the security of their personal information. In many occasions, these are functions that they never get to use.

Summing it up, we need to know that any device connected to the Internet is liable to suffer a computer pirate attack, especially if we do not take essential security measures.

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