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Today we are going to suggest different programmes to clean and optimize your PC and make it run faster. We know already that computers tend to slow down after a while, if it has not been formatted. This problem is related to the amount of unusable files that are stored in the operating system.

There is a lot of free software available to optimize your computer that will help to keep ig 100%, which is useful if you often have many programmes open at the same time. It is especially recommended if you have an older PC or one with limited capacity.

We present the five top applications to optimize your Windows10 and to improve its performance.

1. CCleaner

No doubt it is the best free software to clean and speed up your Windows PC, and even though it has a Premium version, the free one does all that you need.

With this programme you can eliminate practically everything that is useless in your PC, from cookies and temporary files to browsing history of your web browsers. Furthermore, it is highly configurable and you can choose what to clean and what not, in case you wish to keep files that might be useful to you.

You can download it safely directly from the webcon site. It also works with other operating systems.

2. BleachBit

Originally created for Linux, BleachBit is one of the best programmes to accelerate a Windows computer for several reasons: it is free, which is important; it has a simple interface where practically with only one click you can proceed with the cleaning, and it hardly uses any resources or hard disk space.

It is available from their website for Windows in .exe and portable format. The second version does not require installation as it can be run with a double click.

3. Glary Utilities

It is one of the main alternatives for CCleaner, and the undisputed leader of the hard disk cleaners. It offers everything its main rival does, but with some changes when choosing which files you wish to eliminate.

With GlaryUtilities, you can free disk space quick and easy, even faster with other software for cleaning and freeing space in Windows. One of its main advantages (same as CCleaner) is the option to uncheck the automatic startup of certain applications when switching on your computer.

4. Razer Cortex: Game Booster

If you use your PC for gaming, you are most likely familiar with the name Razer. It is one of the leading brands for gaming computer devices.

This application is designed for all the gamers who like top lay good PC games, so that the game runs a bit more fluid. It is very useful, and it really works, but you must always meet the technical requirements of the game.

5. Wise Disk Cleaner

Somewhere between GlaryUtilities and BlechBit, we will find Wise Disk Cleaner. It offers all the functionalities of GlaryUtilities and the interface is as simple as the Blechbit one. It is desgined to clean and speed up your PC with no hassle.

In a matter os seconds, Wise Disk runs a scan and tells you how much space can be free don your computer.