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The current pandemic situation has accelerated even further the pace of technological advances that have a direct impact on the economy, on our working conditions and on the way we communicate with others. From Grupo Telecable, we want to tell you more about these advances that no doubt will surprise everyone during this year 2021.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The impact of AI in our society, in the daily lives of citizens and consumers, can already be seen in countries with greater technological development. For instance, public institutions in Japan and in South Corea have been using AI to have a greater control and automatic population management during the pandemic situation.

Robotics in transport

In order to stop the spreading of the virus, this subject has been thoroughly investigated. COVID-19 transmission was made worse by the disadvantages of the public transport, such as overcrowding.


The arrival of this technology will allow for more devices to connect without loss of quality, which is enabling communication and information sending at all times and from any given device.

The Big Data

Access to massive date will keep on growing amongst all types of entities and bodies. Thanks to this technology, based on blockchain, all the stored information is optimized thus increasing productivity.

Virtual reality

In some sectors, such as healthcare or education, virtual reality and augmented reality are causing a major evolution. It is an attractive technology for the consumers, and in addition it is useful for production of machinery, since it helps to detect possible failures and to fix these in a much easier way than before.

Summing it up, 2021 is going to be an important year for technological advances that will push the progress of communications and information access and management. In these times, this will created opportunities for companies to renovate and to continue perfecting their services.

At Grupo Telecable, we are passionate about everything related to technological advances. Furthermore, a major part of our current, and future, services are based on these. We encourage you to investigate further and to keep up to date with current technologies. And for any query or to sign up for Internet, telephone or TV services, please do not hesitate to contact us, through our website or phone 966 196 000. We are happy to attend and inform you.