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Grupo Telecable has a clear mission since we started, over 30 years ago – to provide the best quality of service to the customer. And to achieve this, it is necessary for our whole team, for all the people that form this company, to have this mission statement present every day, so it becomes the way we do things. We must pay attention to every detail and carry out our work looking for the excellence, both in customer service and in each installation, or the cabling or the connection boxes in different towns.

Therefore, since we pay attention to every detail, you can see in your town, next to boxes that are not from Grupo Telecable, our fibre optic boxes lined up and connected perfectly. This guarantees 2 things – on one hand there is less chance of a problem, since the cables are not touching or bending each other but perfectly extended, and on the other hand, if there is a fault, it is much faster to locate and to repair, so the customer is left without service the least amount of time possible.

And this is how we work at Telecable, paying attention to the smallest of details in each area of our activity, in each installation, in each word, in each act, so that your connection is always working in an optimal way, providing the maximum speed and reliability.

Grupo Telecable customers notice that difference in our customer service, in the freedom to sign up only for the services you actually need and not to pay for things you will not use, in the way we assess, in the speed and reliability of our network…  We are right next to the customer, in our local offices, over the phone or online. Our fast and expert technical service carries out continuous preventive maintenance to avoid possible issues, and acts quickly if these were to happen.

And this is what we are. Grupo Telecable aims for your service experience to be perfect. So if you wish us to assess you or if you are interested in signing up for our phone, fibre/Internet or TV services, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website or by calling 966 196 000, and we will be delighted to guide you and to offer you the best service, no obligation.