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We start the New Year with hope and committed to continue contributing to the development of all the communities where we have a presence. This year, same as in the past years, Grupo Telecable will continue to promote cultural, sport and leisure activities that are so necessary in the towns we are operating in.

Therefore, we consider that it would be good to start the year with a review of all the activities we sponsored last year, and which we, most likely, will continue to sponsor in 2023.

There are many sports school that receive their kits for training or for competition from us, and we also sponsor different events and competitions. There are teams practicing Football, Handball and even bowls that have our logo in their shirts, at  each fixture and sporting event.

At times, we contribute providing the Internet coverage for the media at events such as the “Mediterranean SUP Race” or the “International Mitja Marató of Santa Pola”.

We also promote culture and traditions. For example, the installation of Fibre Optic for the rebroadcasting of the D*nia gastronomic fair and also the Moors and Christian festivities.

A special mention for the sponsorship of the space in Gran Alacant for the local artists to present their art, or the special need children of Santa Pola.

Of course, we are extremely proud to carry out these actions, and to be an active part of the community and to connect directly with the people living in these towns. These activities enable us to give something back and to thank for the support we receive from our customers, and return in a positive manner the commitment and loyalty shown to our company.

If you are also interested in becoming one of our customers, please do not hesitate to contact us to enjoy the best Internet, Telephone or Television service, and be a part of this great task.

Conectamos con nuestras comunidades de una manera especial
Conectamos con nuestras comunidades de una manera especial