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Phone services have changed a lot in recent times. So much that the least used function of the phone is actually that of making calls. However, considering the huge amount of mobile phones sold and the frequency we change our devices, an eco-friendly phone is important.

These kinds of phones respect the environment more, and the aim is to manufacture innovative mobile phones that are ecological and thus reduces the environmental impact.

Why are eco-friendly phones necessary?

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, represent the biggest growing waste problem in recent years. And amongst the electronic waste, mobile phones represent an ever-increasing percentage.

According to a United Nations report, in 2019 nearly 50 million metric tons of technological waste was created. Or to put it in another way, the equivalent of 5,000 Eiffel towers.

Therefore, we should all be interested in eco-friendly phones, and consider the makes that are pushing the most to make these a reality.


¿Qué es la telefonía ecofriendly?

How is an eco-friendly phone?

This trend goes beyond creating a faster or more powerful phone. Therefore, eco-friendly mobile has these objectives:

  • To reduce the toxic elements presents in the phone, as well as radiation emissions.
  • To reduce the amount of waste generated and to increase the recycling capacity of the components. Also the possibility to repair the phone, so it does not have to be completely replaced by another one and thrown away in case of any fault.
  • To reduce contamination and emissions to the atmosphere during the fabrication process.
  • To reduce plastic and other non-recyclable elements also in the packaging.
  • That the conditions of manufacturing are fair and without exploiting, especially of children, and also during the collection of the necessary raw materials.
  • To reduce the impact in the use of resources and territories these are extracted from.

The last two points are very important and go beyond the phone itself. Currently, it is necessary to use certain rare materials, such as gold and other rare earth elements, the extraction of which may cause damage to the territories these are located in, which are often in underdeveloped countries.

 The big challenge of eco-friendly phones

The main challenge of ethic and environment friendly phones is that nowadays it is very difficult to purchase a phone that is ecological and, most importantly, ethical.

One of the main challenges in this aspect is that the majority of the manufacturing is done in China, which makes it difficult to control environmental and labour issues.