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The router is essential to our Internet connection. It allows us to connect any device to the Net. In this article we aim to improve your experience using the Internet. We will explain some common errors with the routers which can jeopardize the functioning and the security of the router. This can put our personal information at risk.

Errors that affect the router:

Placing router in a low position

It is always recommended to place the router in a fairly high position. Any physical obstacle in our home or office, such as chairs or tables, creates a barrier that can cause the connection not to be fluid.

Interference from other devices

Placing the router close to other electronic devices may cause the signal to be worse, and the quality and the speed of our network may not be adequate. Furthermore, the Wifi connection of our equipment may be interrupted.

Using unsafe encryption systems

Nowadays, some encryption protocols are no longer considered safe. For example, WEP encryption, in which the hackers have caused new security breaches for our passwords. Telecable customers can rest assured that our IT engineers maintain all the systems updated to offer the maximum security.

These are some easy-to-apply tips that can greatly improve the performance of your equipment. Please contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help you.