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Your Internet connection has stopped working on your mobile, computer, gaming console or television? The reason could be the following:

Today, September 30th, the SSL root certificate, the CA of DST Root CA X3, expires. More specifically, it expires at 16:01:15 Spanish time, so if you have not updated your device by the, it will be left without Internet connection and you can only update it manually by downloading the according firmware (if it is available) and installing it using the USB port.

This certificate, which was active until today, enabled using the Internet safely, but after 20 or 25 years, the certificates are renewed to guarantee the privacy and to avoid our devices being taken over by attackers. The substitute certificate is the ISGR Root X1, which is valid until the year 2035. Mobile phones and computers with current operating systems are not affected. However, many old devices are not automatically updated, and will not have the update the new certificate requires. Some of these devices are:

  • Mobiles and tablets with Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread or lesser
  • iOS lesser than 10 (anything earlier than iPhone 5 will not be able to access the Internet
  • Mac computers with macOS 10.12.0 or lesse
  • Windows lesser to XP SP3
  • Consoles: PS3, PS4 with firmware 5.0 or less and Nintendo 3DS.
  • OpenSSL lesser than 1.0.
  • Mozilla Firefox  lesser than 50
  • Ubuntu lesser than 16.04
  • Debian lesser than 8
  • Java 8 lesser than 8u141
  • Java 7 lesser than 7u151
  • NSS lesser than 3.26
  • Amazon FireOS (Silk Browser)

You may access the full list of expired devices here.

From Grupo Telecable we remind you that you should keep you devices updated to take full advantage of our Internet, Cable TV and Telephone services. Our goal is to provide you the best possible connectivity and data transfer, with the promise to deliver the agreed speed, with no hidden charges, and always providing high quality and reliable services to our customers. However, it is the customers´ responsibility to regularly update the software of the devices at your home or office.  Therefore, with this article we hope to have stressed the importance of updating, especially today, when the SSL certificates expire.